For potential employers who may wish to hire an archivist, records manager or conservator, here you can discover what professionals in our sector do, and what the recommended pay is, as advocated by our professional body, the Archives and Records Association UK and Ireland. If you wish to contact us in relation to jobs you wish to advertise, please contact us directly.



An archivist is a qualified professional who has responsibility for the preservation of and access to records of long term enduring value. It is the job of the archivist to preserve and exploit the archival heritage and the information contained within it. This includes assisting users and answering enquiries, promotional work including exhibitions, presentations or media work, as well as the curatorial skills of selecting, arranging and cataloguing archives. In addition, archivists at a more senior level will also carry out management tasks as they take control of budgets, staff and strategy.

Records Manager:

A records manager is an information professional responsible for the efficient and systematic control of the creation, receipt, maintenance, use and disposition of records of an organisation. Records managers support decision making and ensure legal obligations are met for the creation and retention of both paper and electronic records. They maintain operational efficiency by controlling the volume of records created and stored and identify records of long-term enduring value.

Archive Conservator:

An archive conservator is a trained professional responsible for the preservation and conservation of archives. They are responsible for a wide range of material such as manuscript books and documents, seals, maps, photographs, film and possibly magnetic recordings and machine readable records.



Pay Recommendations:

The Archives and Records Association (is committed to supporting and promoting the archive, recordkeeping, information management and conservation professions.  

ARA believes that salaries should reflect the skills, expertise and qualifications required to perform the duties of the post regardless of employer, sector or job title.  

For salary recommendations and guidance for freelancers please refer to the following summary: